Friday, 29 April 2011

Butterfly listing for Pigeon Valley

Butterfly ListPhoto takenSABCAPigeon Valley
Fam/subfamCommon NameScientific NamePage 
MonarchsAfrican MonarchDanaus chrysippus36.11
 LaymanAmauris albimaculata38.31
BrownsCommon Bush BrownBicyclus safitza42.11
 Squinting Bush BrownBicyclus anynana42.31
AcraeasCommon WandererBematistes aganice80.21
 Natal AcraeaAcraea natalica84.31
 Blood-red AcraeaAcraea petraea92.21
 Dusky-veined AcraeaHyalites igola94.11
 Small Orange AcraeaHyalites eponina96.41
 Yellow-banded AcraeaHyalites cabira96.51
 Dusky AcraeaHyalites esebria98.11
 White-barred AcraeaHyalites encedon98.21
EmperorsPearl EmperorCharaxes varanes102.11
 Green-veined EmperorCharaxes candiope102.31
 White-barred EmperorCharaxes brutus104.41
 Blue-spotted EmperorCharaxes cithaeron108.21
Gliders/SailersFalse ChiefPseudacraea lucretia120.31
 Boisduval's Tree NymphSevenia boisduvali126.11
 Natal Tree NymphSevenia natalensis126.21
 Pied PiperEurytela hiarbus128.11
Diadems/PansiesCommon DiademHypolimnas misippus128.31
 Common Mother-of-PearlSalamis parhassus130.31
 Gaudy CommodorePrecis octavia132.21
 Garden InspectorPrecis archesia134.21
 Brown PansyJunonia natalica136.21
 Blue PansyJunonia oenone136.41
BluesPurple-brown HairstreakHypolycaena philippus172.41
 Scarce Fig-tree BlueMyrina dermaptera182.21
 Bush BronzeCacyreus lingeus254.31
 Babault's BlueLeptotes babaulti262.11
 Sooty BlueZizeeria knysna310.31
 Gaika BlueZizula hylax316.41
WhitesVine-leaf VagrantEronia cleodora318.21
 Autumn-leaf VagrantEronia leda320.11
 False Dotted BorderBelenois thysa334.21
 Brown-veined WhiteBelenois aurota336.11
 African Common WhiteBelenois creona336.21
 Diverse WhiteAppias epaphia340.31
 African Wood WhiteLeptosia alcesta342.31
 Common Dotted BorderMylothris agathina344.21
 African MigrantCatopsilia florella346.21
 Common Grass YellowEurema hecabe348.11
 Broad-bordered Grass YellowEurema brigitta348.21
 Angled Grass YellowEurema desjardinsii348.31
SwallowtailsCitrus SwallowtailPapilio demodocus350.11
 Mocker SwallowtailPapilio dardanus350.21
SkippersClouded FlatTagiades flesus362.21
 Macken's DartAcleros mackenii396.11
 Common Hottentot SkipperGegenes niso412.21

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Charaxes butterflies on a Vepris Lanceolata

Charaxes butterflies on a Vepris Lanceolata

Autumn transitions

This is now well underway, with cooler mornings and some marvellous days, punctuated by what are perhaps the last showers of the season. Pigeon Valley is very green and dense for the time of year, unlike last year, when it was already very dry in April. By chance I ended up on a butterfly census with Roy Cowgill and Steve Davis yesterday. While I cannot reveal the exact number of individual butterflies present yesterday in the reserve (I will leave that for Wikilepileaks) they told me that they had amassed 33 species by the time we parted. The day before I had seen a marvellous sight of butterflies clustered on the leaking sap of a Vepris Lanceolata (take the path behind the map going up to the right; when it reaches a T junction stare straight ahead). They were mainly Green-veined, Blue-Spotted and White-barred Charaxes, I was reliably informed.

It has been particularly hard to see any birds, and I suspect that with all the rain still inland, there are plenty of competing attractions at present. However, a very unexpected sighting was when I looked for alien plants outside the fence, at the end of Morris Place, and disturbed a nightjar, either Mozambique or Fiery-necked. And then today I had my first view of a Spotted Ground-thrush, delayed because of my being overseas for two weeks. My brother said that he thought he had heard a second one call at the time I saw this. The place to look is around the map area, particularly across the main path to the left, if you are facing up the reserve.

At home two very vocal Red-capped Robin-chats are coexisting in the garden, and a Black-backed Puffback greets us every morning.