Friday, 29 April 2011

Butterfly listing for Pigeon Valley

Butterfly ListPhoto takenSABCAPigeon Valley
Fam/subfamCommon NameScientific NamePage 
MonarchsAfrican MonarchDanaus chrysippus36.11
 LaymanAmauris albimaculata38.31
BrownsCommon Bush BrownBicyclus safitza42.11
 Squinting Bush BrownBicyclus anynana42.31
AcraeasCommon WandererBematistes aganice80.21
 Natal AcraeaAcraea natalica84.31
 Blood-red AcraeaAcraea petraea92.21
 Dusky-veined AcraeaHyalites igola94.11
 Small Orange AcraeaHyalites eponina96.41
 Yellow-banded AcraeaHyalites cabira96.51
 Dusky AcraeaHyalites esebria98.11
 White-barred AcraeaHyalites encedon98.21
EmperorsPearl EmperorCharaxes varanes102.11
 Green-veined EmperorCharaxes candiope102.31
 White-barred EmperorCharaxes brutus104.41
 Blue-spotted EmperorCharaxes cithaeron108.21
Gliders/SailersFalse ChiefPseudacraea lucretia120.31
 Boisduval's Tree NymphSevenia boisduvali126.11
 Natal Tree NymphSevenia natalensis126.21
 Pied PiperEurytela hiarbus128.11
Diadems/PansiesCommon DiademHypolimnas misippus128.31
 Common Mother-of-PearlSalamis parhassus130.31
 Gaudy CommodorePrecis octavia132.21
 Garden InspectorPrecis archesia134.21
 Brown PansyJunonia natalica136.21
 Blue PansyJunonia oenone136.41
BluesPurple-brown HairstreakHypolycaena philippus172.41
 Scarce Fig-tree BlueMyrina dermaptera182.21
 Bush BronzeCacyreus lingeus254.31
 Babault's BlueLeptotes babaulti262.11
 Sooty BlueZizeeria knysna310.31
 Gaika BlueZizula hylax316.41
WhitesVine-leaf VagrantEronia cleodora318.21
 Autumn-leaf VagrantEronia leda320.11
 False Dotted BorderBelenois thysa334.21
 Brown-veined WhiteBelenois aurota336.11
 African Common WhiteBelenois creona336.21
 Diverse WhiteAppias epaphia340.31
 African Wood WhiteLeptosia alcesta342.31
 Common Dotted BorderMylothris agathina344.21
 African MigrantCatopsilia florella346.21
 Common Grass YellowEurema hecabe348.11
 Broad-bordered Grass YellowEurema brigitta348.21
 Angled Grass YellowEurema desjardinsii348.31
SwallowtailsCitrus SwallowtailPapilio demodocus350.11
 Mocker SwallowtailPapilio dardanus350.21
SkippersClouded FlatTagiades flesus362.21
 Macken's DartAcleros mackenii396.11
 Common Hottentot SkipperGegenes niso412.21

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  1. This is a listing that Roy Cowgill and Steve Davis drew up after conducting a butterfly census in and around Pigeon Valley over the Easter Weekend. Many thanks to the - we want to develop this blog as a resource for Friends of Pigeon Valley and for other members te Durban Branch.