Thursday, 5 May 2011

What the Manor Gardens scholars wrote about the visit...

I really enjoyed walking around pigeon Valley; I was especially fascinated that so many rare species of trees are concentrated in such a small urban area. I really liked the look of the fluted Milkwood’s and how the little creatures shelter in the trees nooks and crannies. The duikers were very sweet and I learnt a lot from what Crispin Hemson had to say.

Pigeon Valley Excursion
The Grade Sevens went on a trip to Pigeon Valley Nature Reserve on the 15th of March. Instead of the usual bus ride, we gained a bit of exercise by walking there and back. When we reached the nature reserve, we met Mr. Crispin Hemson, who would be giving us a tour around Pigeon Valley. As we started walking around the reserve, we started to notice the abundance of life. We discovered many different types of trees, such as the Natal Elm, which are very rare, there being only 15 dotted around the province, but 30 inside the reserve. We also caught a glimpse of the Red Duiker. There are 12 of these shy creatures around Pigeon Valley. There were also a great variety of birds, including the fruit-eating Purple-crested Loerie, the Black Sparrow hawk, which breed in the reserve, and the Spectacled Weaver. We learnt all about ecosystems too, and how everything depends on each other. Our trip was very informative and enjoyable.

Pigeon Valley
At pigeon valley I learnt that a green mamba tree provides safety to birds but when they are hiding in the trees sometimes snakes come and stalk them for their prey particly the green mamba. The animals I saw were, an African flycatcher, bar throated apalis,tambarian dove,blue duiker,red duiker.

Pigeon Valley
The walk to Pigeon Valley was long, but it was worth it when we got there. We saw lots of plants and animals, including Natal Elm trees, a blue vervet monkey and lots of purple crested louries.  The walk through the trees was invigorating.  I learnt that there are more Natal Elm trees in that small park than anywhere else in the world. I loved just listening to the sounds around us, and then we had to go back to school. It was a terrific trip. 

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