Monday, 29 August 2011

Tree labels

Sales of the WESSA tree labels provides an income to Durban branch for environmental work.  We see ourselves as support to deserving projects that require a small amount for funding to kick start a project.

I enclose a picture of the tree labels we supply.  Cost is R10.00 each. The printed label is stuck on to a metal Chromadek backing which means it does not rust.  The hole for fixing it on to a tree is pre-made (the plastic is just covering it here in this picture).  We recommend that you use a brass self tapping screw that can be unscrewed as the tree grows.  Size is approx 14 cms in length by 5.5 in width.

We have a stock of over 4000 lables but can place orders for those we do not have in stock.  Most of our labels are for KZN trees.  We thank Bill van den Bosch for supplying the blanks and Mike Signs for processing our orders at a reasonable cost.

Contact Margaret Burger on 0836305380 or email: