Monday, 30 January 2012

Co-ordinating environmental work - future plans for Durban Youth Council

Here a youngster climbs a Chrysophyllum viridifolium (Fluted Milkwood) to hack at a thick creeper that is weighing down the tree and blocking its light.  This is in the area that extends above Pigeon Valley Park.
The plan is to link various areas together, so that there is a belt of indigenous plant and animal life across a whole stretch of the Berea.  This approach could be used equally well in other parts of the city.

Durban Youth Council at work planting indigenous trees

Saturday 28th January saw about 16 members of Durban Youth Council working with Friends of Pigeon Valley on removing alien invasive plants around Pigeon Valley Park, and planting trees at Glenwood High School and the Open Air School hostel.  Here Kaliope Geldenhuys (2nd from left), who led the project, works with other members to plant at the hostel grounds.