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Sea View D’MOSS trails | walk Sunday 18 March 2012

Sea View D’MOSS trails walk

On Sunday 18 March 2012 residents of Sea View and others will participate in a walk along the D’MOSS trails through the forest between the Umbilo River and the Sarnia Road ridge. We meet at 10 o’clock at George Codnor Park, which is on the south side of Sarnia Road at the top of Coedmore Road, opposite Beacon Park. There will be ‘friends of D’MOSS trail walkers’ at George Codnor Park to look after your motorcars during the walk, and to have tea and juice ready for walkers afterwards. The ‘friends’ ask that walkers contribute R5 to the cost of the tea and juice.

The walk will take us under the railway line, across Sarnia Road, into Blairmont Road and Joubert Place. From Joubert Place we join the D’MOSS trails. The route includes a loop down towards the Umbilo River, and then back to a view site overlooking the river as it flows around the Portuguese Club. From the view site we walk down into the forest towards the M7. We cross the river (along the 50m of shoulder of the M7) onto the D’MOSS trail that follows the river round the river bend that we could see from the view site. After crossing the river again (back along the M7 shoulder) we explore different trails on our way back to Beacon Park.

We cross Sarnia Road at the robot to George Codnor and tea. The walk should take about two to two and a half hours. Nearly all the route is in shade but sun block, hats, and sturdy shoes are recommended.

Derek Nicholson
031 465 4278    or  072 400 1216     

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