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D’MOSS Sea View | trail walk Sunday 15 April 2012, from George Codnor Park to the old mill site and back

D’MOSS trail walk Sunday 15 April 2012

On Sunday 15 April you are all again invited to join in a D’MOSS trail walk from George Codnor Park to the old mill site and back. We meet at 10 o’clock at George Codnor Park at the top of Coedmore Road just south of the Sarnia Road. The “friends of the D’MOSS trail walkers” will be looking after the motorcars at the park.

From the park we join the trail near Sunnyside Road and head south down the servitude, across the end of Ballarat Road and into Coedmore sports fields. From there we head up Braid Avenue, cross the railway line, and continue along the trail to a view site overlooking the Umhlatazana River. From the view site we follow the trail parallel to the railway line, under the N2 (outer ring road) and head towards the single carriage bridge across the Umhlatazana at Stainbank. Another 100 metres takes us to the Old Mill site and a shaded, picnic spot. After a ten minute rest we head back along the same route to George Codnor Park and tea and juice, which the “friends of the D’MOSS trail walkers” will have ready for us. The “friends” have asked that walkers contribute R5 towards the cost of the tea and juice.

Much of the walk is in shade but sun-block, hats, and sturdy shoes are recommended. We are likely to have a little mud in the path going down the valley from Sunnyside Road. This is not a long walk and should take about two hours or less.

Derek Nicholson  031 465 4278     072 400 1216

So far we have been arranging these walks from month to month, but we want to start organizing walks well ahead of time to cater for special interest groups. Below is a list of possible groups.

  1. School environment club members – high and primary school (could be during school times)
  2. Bird watching groups – at a season and time that would best suit them
  3. Butterfly and moth, water insects, and other small animal interests
  4. Indigenous tree and plant interest group; horticultural study students
  5. Bat interest group
  6. Scout and guide leadership groups, or proficiency badge tasks
  7. Artists, photography students
I would be grateful if you have any comments on these ideas, or could give me contact numbers of individuals or groups, or organizations you think would like to make use of the trails. This open space system in Sea View is a unique facility available without cost and it can only enrich the lives and enhance the experiences of all who use it.  

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