Wednesday, 9 May 2012

D’MOSS trail walk | Sunday 13 May 2012

D’MOSS trail walk

The D’MOSS trail walk this Sunday 13 May 2012 will explore the paths between the Sarnia Road ridge and the Umbilo River valley. Meet at 10 o’clock at George Codnor Crescent Park; the open ground at the top of Coedmore Road, next to the railway line.

We will first cross Sarnia Road into Beacon Park, and then join the D’MOSS trail from Elgin Road. The path drops gently down into the valley and we soon are surrounded by thick forest vegetation, out of sound and sight of roads and other noises. Our route includes a view site overlooking the Umbilo River bend as it flows under the M7, and a loop just before we exit the trail at Joubert Place. We make our way back to our starting point where the “Friends of the D’MOSS trail walkers” will have tea and juice waiting for us. The walk should last two hours.

Most of the walk is in shade, but hats and sun block, and study shoes are a recommendation. The “friends of D’MOSS trail walkers” will ask for a R5 contribution towards their costs.

On the way through we want to identify stands of invader species, and perhaps record the extent of the encroachment. We hope the Natural Resources Department  will want to develop plans to remove these aliens.

Derek Nicholson
031 465 4278       072 400 1216

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