Sunday, 8 July 2012

D'MOSS walk Sunday 22 July ninth walk on the Sea View D’MOSS trails

D’MOSS walk Sunday 22 july 2012

On Sunday 22 July we meet at Umbilo Park at 10 o’clock for our ninth walk on the Sea View  D’MOSS trails. The route will take us along the Umbilo River canal, up into the Carrington Heights D’MOSS area, back down to the river, under the M7, and along the river trail that skirts the Portuguese Club. This trail follows the bend in the river back towards the M7. The river flows under two bridges under the M7.

At the M7 we can scramble down the into the ankle deep river, cross to the other bank, and join the trail on the other side. I will bring a few lengths of rope to assist in moving up and down the river banks. We crossed the river this way on our June walk and it was not difficult. The canal bottom is flat concrete so some walkers removed their shoes and socks to wade through the water.

Or, to avoid wading through the river we can follow the path up the shoulder of the M7, walk across the bridge along the pavement, step over the armco, and down the shoulder to meet the waders on the other side of the river. It is a 50m walk along the M7 pavement and there is not too much traffic on a Sunday.

Once across the river we follow the trail through the forested area and make our way to the view site overlooking the bend in the river as it flows around the Portuguese Club. From there we do a loop through a heavily forested area below the Hillside Road ridge, back up to the view site and then along a more direct route back to the M7, through, (or over), the river and along the canal to Umbilo Park.

The “friends of the D’MOSS trail walkers” will be waiting for us at the park with mugs of hot tea or coffee, or juice, and biscuits. The ‘friends’ ask for a contribution of R5 to cover costs. Most of the walk is through shaded areas but hats and sun-block, and sturdy shoes are recommended. Your motorcars will be safe in the parking area next to the wood and iron building in Umbilo Park . The walk should take about two and a half hours.

Derek Nicholson
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