Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The WESSA Durban branch short internship project – what we learnt
Four interns have now completed a short internship with WESSA, and reflect on their learning over the project

Kizito Takawira

Simangaliso Fakude
‘There are people who do not even know what is happening in this world.  There are people who are
the exact opposite, who take the world as their home, while others feel that they are just passing by.’

‘… in order to be sustainable, to live sustainably, we have first to be the change we want to see.  We have first to change our behaviours, our communities, our families, so that we can live in an environmentally friendly way.’

Nobuhle Kakhe

Mfanelo Ntombela
‘…not ever have I once I ever considered environmental protection in my programmes.  From here onwards
I will be designing projects with this not just at the back of my head but starting with it. ‘

‘Somehow it was made that nature supports itself, it was amazing to know that.  There is an ecosystem in which everything supports the other. … What I have learnt the most is that we must not work in isolation.’

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