Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Great bird sightings in Pigeon Valley

This has been a marvellous time to see birds in Pigeon Valley; with dry conditions until early August the Isoglossa Woodii dies back a bit, opening up views.  As one goes up the main track, the last bird bath is on the right.  To the left of this, two of us had a remarkable sighting - the almost-never seen Buff-spotted Flufftail, moving relaxedly around next to the bush.  And then on the 14th, a bird we have never seen before here, the Lemon Dove (formerly known as Cinnamon because of the colour on the front, but now named as a mistranslation of the Afrikaans Lemoen, because it was seen around orange groves).  This was at exactly the same spot.  The lighting was a bit dim, but the bird is unmistakeable.

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