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Sea View D’MOSS walk 25 November 2012

Sea View D’MOSS walk 25 November 2012
 Our November walk is Sunday 25 November, starting at 10 o’clock. We are meeting just before ten at George Codnor Park, at the top of Coedmore Road just near the bridge over the railway line. Coedmore Road is off Sarnia Road opposite Elgin Road at the robot. The park next to Elgin Road is Beacon Park. It sounds confusing, but we will be there at 9:30; turn off Sarnia Road into Coedmore Road, and then first right to the parking area under the trees. You will recognize walker types. There is plenty of parking and one of the Natural Resources rangers will be there during the walk.

While we are walking “Friends of the Sea View D’MOSS walkers” will set up at George Codnor Park and prepare tea, coffee, and juice, and biscuits for the end of the walk. There is no charge for the walk, but the friends ask for a R5 donation to cover their costs.

We start at 10 o’clock, or as soon after, and set off across Sarnia Road to join the D’MOSS trails from Elgin Road, and then onto the trails between the Sarnia Road ridge and the Umbilo River valley. Our route will take us to a view site from which we will be able to see the Umbilo River flow under the M7, sweep round in a wide bend, and flow under the M7 again just at the start of the Umbilo canal. The river is the boundary on three sides of the Portuguese Club and its grounds.  We will walk to where the Umbilo River flows under the M7 and cross the river, either by wading it, or by walking on the pavement of the M7 where it crosses the river. We walk the trail that skirts the Portuguese club, cross the river again on the way back and then head back along the new trail towards the Sarnia Road ridge.

The walk is in shade for much of the trail, but hats, sun block, sturdy shoes, and some liquid is recommended, especially if it is a hot day. We should be back at the start (George Codnor Park), and tea with biscuits, within two and a half to three hours. We don’t rush, so nobody need worry about being made to hurry too fast.
If you want to ask anything, please telephone me.

Derek Nicholson
031 465 4278     or   072 400 1216

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