Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mandela Day 18 July 2013 | A celebration of life

Mandela Day 18 July 2013 | A celebration of life as a South African comrade

Thanks to all who helped to make our visit to the Macedonia Creche a success.  Thanks to the Gandhi Development Trust for an awesome day of celebration and the Gift of the Givers for food and sustenance.  Thanks to eThekwini for assistance in the preparation of a bio-rich vegetable garden, seedlings, tools and compost.  Thank you to the teachers and local community who made us welcome.  Thank you to Blessing for showing us your space. To Sven and the others who helped with physical labour. To Jono for the artwork and portrait. To Del and new friends for enthusiasm and ongoing support. I hope these photos tell a part of the story and help celebrate the life of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and the spirit of community.

Jenny and Blessing with fresh spinach bunch

eThekwini experts demonstrate bio-wise vegetable growing
from left to right - Busisiwe Ngcobo, Princess Biyela, Zanele Ndlovu, Lungi and a co-worker from the Dept of Agriculture

Blessing's blessing

Crispin, Imogen and Liz, transporting awesome veg breyani shared by all

Elliot, Darlington, Sydney and friend who helped Sven start the hard work of digging the veg garden

Sven and Preven

Sunday, 14 July 2013

WESSA Durban branch | AGM 20 July 2013 2.00pm | “eThekwini 2050: A vision for the future.” Arnia van Vuuren

Notice of meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Durban Branch of WESSA 

Will be held on Saturday 20 July 2013 at 14h00 In the WESSA Boardroom, 100 Brand Road, Durban.

Guest Speaker Arnia van Vuuren of Birdlife Port Natal: “eThekwini 2050: A vision for the future.”

Everybody is very well aware of the myriad needs and challenges South Africa needs to address. Transnet proposes to address these challenges through huge infrastructure developments anchored in eThekwini. What exactly is Transnet proposing? Environmentalists voice various concerns about these developments. Why are they concerned? Should they be concerned? If you could wave your magic wand, what would your vision be for eThekwini 2050?

1.       WELCOME
2.       APOLOGIES
4.       MATTERS ARISING: Membership and the demise of the KZN Region
6.       FINANCES
7.       ELECTION OF Management & Finance Committee

Tea and Refreshments

All are welcome!
For catering purposes, please RSVP by 20 July to: Jenny 031 201 3126 or Margaret 031 573 1054

Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Tree labelling project | eThekwini municipal area | WESSA Durban branch

2013 Tree labelling project | eThekwini municipal area | WESSA Durban branch

Residents and officials came together in the most practical way to start labelling trees in Pigeon Valley nature reserve on 18th May 2013.  The brainchild of a Berea resident, this is to be a major WESSA Durban branch-eThekwini Metro project.

Part of the group at the start of the event.

30 people attended the event, and after Sbu Mkhwanazi, senior manager in Parks, and Crispin Hemson of WESSA Durban Branch had introduced the project, the municipality provided refreshments.  Then all present joined in the work of identifying trees and fixing on labels.

Ms Nomafu Dlamini, manager in Natural Resources,
 fixes a label to a rare Celtis Mildbraedii, the Natal Elm.

Mr Sbu Mkhwanazi, senior manager in Parks, fixes one of the first labels

eThekwini and WESSA tree label on Psychotria capensis

About 60 labels were put up in the park, which has about 100 locally indigenous tree species.  There will be more labels put up soon, and quickly the project will move to such areas as Botanic Gardens and Bulwer Park.  It will reach various areas across the Metro.