Friday, 7 March 2014



Greetings all who are “People Caring for the Earth”

March already, only another 280 days to Christmas!!.  The Seasons are changing, the days getting shorter, and our Wildlife, Plant and Animals, are starting to prepare for Winter.  The change of Season gives us the opportunity to get out without the heat and humidity of Summer and to enjoy the changing scene.  These days most people carry with them a Camera, often in the form of a cell phone.  See an unusual Bird, Butterfly or Plant that you cannot identify? Take a photo of it and send it to “Virtual Museum” (Google it on the net for full details) who will identify it for you and send you details. Who knows, you may have found, even in your own garden, a new species that can be named after you. Everlasting fame!, and the pleasure from just observing and wondering can become a most interesting hobby.  “Just Do It” as the famous advertising motto says.


Saturday 8th March. A Guided Walk through the Glenholme Nature Reserve, SPCA grounds, Kloof.
10.0am from the Tea Rooms at the SPCA. Donations towards the reserves upkeep.

Wednesday 15th March. Guided walk in the Springside Nature Reserve, Hillcrest.  Mainly Bird watching.
7.30am from the Resource Centre. Tea/Coffee afterwards.  Donations towards the maintenance of the Reserve.

Saturday 15th March.  Global march for the Lions. Against “Canned” hunting.  A similar march is being held at many Cities around the World.  The Durban march starts from “Pirates S.L.C. on the beach front, 10.30am.

Sunday 16th March. A guided walk in the Kloof Gorge Nature Reserve. One hour. Contact 031 764 2467 for further details.

Sunday 30th March. Is Tree Day in Springside Nature Reserve. 9.30am. Walk led by Will Sperrin to identify tree species.   11.30am. Tea/Coffee at the resource Centre with discussions on Trees and Plants, Indigenous and Alien.  Followed by a BYO Braii or Picnic.

Sunday 6th April. Guided walk in Palmiet Nature Reserve,  Phone 031 266 5240 for time.


Now for our regular indoor meeting at Westville Central Library.
Friday 8th March

Guest Speaker is SONJA GIBSON  from USHAKA
What does the World’s largest living creature eat ?.
They are hardly visible to the Human eye. They affect our atmosphere,
They are important to ourselves. What other life do they support?
Sonja, from the South African Association for Marine Biological Research
will be telling us about these amazing, minute but essential creatures.
Doors open at 7.0pm for a 7.30pm start.  All welcome, No charge, Light Refreshments.


Our Motto.  “Every Day, In some way. YOU can make a difference”
What can YOU do?
 How about taking your own bags to the Supermarket instead of buying those plastic ones.
Recycle and reuse.
Get into the habit.

Alan Job.
Highway Branch of WESSA.