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D’MOSS walks 29 June 2014

D’MOSS walks 29 June 2014
Meet at Umbilo Park at 9 o’clock for Sunday’s walks on 29 June 2014. The short walk will be along the canal path and on the paths below the levee to the M7 bridge. From there we follow the curve of the river as it flows around the Portuguese Club. Walkers then turn into Wright Place, back under the bridge and along the levee to Umbilo Park. This walk will again be led by Colin Lawson. The route is almost level all the way and is about 500 metres longer than the walk last month. It should not take longer than 75 minutes.

The longer walk starts off on the same route but we go over the bridge and explore the heavily wooded area between the Umbilo River and Sarnia Road ridge. Before the steep uphill to Elgin Park on Sarnia Road we turn and walk back to Umbilo River along a different path, and then on to Umbilo Park. This walk will take about two hours. 

As always, the Friends of D’MOSS Walkers will have tea, juice, and biscuits ready for the return of both walks. 
Derek Nicholson

031 465 4278   or   072 400 1216

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