Thursday, 18 June 2015

Invitation: D’Urban Garden Party | Sunday 21st June 2015

Invitation: D’Urban Garden Party
Date: Sunday 21st June 2015
Where: Pigeon Valley at 9am moving to Green Camp, corner of Essex and Umbilo Road 11am

To coincide with a larger permaculture festival in Nature’s Valley, Permaculture Durban will be hosting its own permaculture event on 21st June called the D’Urban Garden Party.
Permaculture is about producing an abundance for local needs by mimicking natural ecosystems. It is appropriate then that we start off the day by connecting with nature and learning about these natural processes that we seek to imitate. We will meet in Pigeon Valley at 9am starting off with a ritual and a yoga session and then we will learn and observe how nature works. The next part of the event moves to Green Camp, corner of Essex and Umbilo Road at 11am.
The Green Camp was started by Xolani who chose a derelict and abandoned house to start an urban regenerative greening project. The project brings together sustainability and creativity. Out of the cracks and the rubble of urban decay, this project brings hope to the surrounding community through art, creativity, and recycling and by producing healthy organic food. The Green Camp is at the beginning stages of what will be an organic/ sustainable lifestyle hub focussing on creativity in all its forms.
The programme includes an urban interpretive trail, permaculture workshops, talks and demonstrations. This is an opportunity to learn about composting, seed saving and lots more. Wally Menne, a local environmental guru, will talk about how to start a nursery and growing plants from seed. There will be a talk about the Open Food Network which connects local farmers with people wanting to buy fresh organic produce. The event encourages the permaculture ethics of caring for the earth, caring for people and sharing our surplus abundance. The event is free and we encourage you to share your abundance by bringing anything that can be recycled, seeds, plants, bamboo, unwanted goods/clothes to exchange/donate, organic waste for composting, and containers to use as planters.
We celebrate the longest night of the year around the fire by sharing as a creative community. We will host a discussion around 'Arts and Resistance', and have an open band - a collaborative creative process where we dissolve the boundaries between artist and audience. All musicians and music lovers are encouraged to join us, bring an instrument and help us celebrate through music, poetry and movement.

Please bring a bowl, spoon, yoga mat, hat, shades, cushion/chair, water bottle, snacks and vegetables for the soup/potjie. For more information and to RSVP please visit the Facebook event: D’Urban Garden Party  

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