Friends of Pigeon Valley

Friends of Pigeon Valley

WE INVITE YOU to become a member of the Friends of Pigeon Valley, and to link in with our Greening Glenwood initiative!

Please email should you wish to receive updates by email on walks and up to date reports on happenings within the reserve.

Background of the FOPV initiative | start date September 2008

It was agreed that the Friends of Pigeon Valley would formalise itself and would affiliate with WESSA.  This would enable itself to raise and bank funds, and have a formal membership.

The proposed aims are the following:
1)      To promote the natural environment of the Glenwood and Manor Gardens area through clearing of invasive alien plants and through planting of indigenous vegetation
2)      To promote awareness amongst residents of the area of the natural environment
3)      To liaise with the management of natural areas within the eThekwini Metro, in particular regarding the conservation and optimal use of Pigeon Valley Park
4)      To enable greater educational uses of Pigeon Valley Park and other local indigenous areas
5)      To promote involvement of local schools in projects that promote the natural environment
6)      To enhance and publicise the economic potential of the initiative, including the employment of co-operatives and local guides.

It was agreed that there would be the following membership structure:
Ordinary          R20
Scholar            R10
Institutional     R50
Corporate        R100
The financial year would end at the end of February.

Office bearers
Crispin Hemson would continue as the chairperson of the Friends.

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